"Nate is one of the most hard-working, creative and generous individuals I've ever associated with. Not only did I purchase a world-class set of educational tools, but I found myself connected to and surrounded by a large, local community of active investors that are willing to share and assist each other toward achieving both personal and financial goals. Integrity, honesty and industry best describe the values espoused by and taught in this community and, in my experience, Nate Lambert exemplifies those values at the highest level."

Dean Evans, Sandy, Utah

Taki Taoho, Orem, Utah

"Nate is great in his knowledge, experience, and expertise. He does a fabulous job explaining how a 30 year mortgage can be paid off in 5-7 years and how to do real estate with little money and no credit."

Andi Howard, Orem Utah

"Nate is a good man, he will bend over backwards to make things happen for you. There are few people in this world that I see who are like rocket ships that can take people out and beyond this world, rather than the people that can just get you off the ground on a skate board. Good job Nate!"

Evan Child, Bluffdale, Utah

"Nate has been such a great mentor, teacher, business partner, and friend. The opportunities he has opened up to me and my family, through his educational program, have truly been life changing. We now dream about things we never thought were possible, like having both me and my wife quit our jobs and live off real estate rentals to give us free time to do the things we love. How can it get any better than that? Nate is honest, driven, focused, trustworthy, loyal, dreamer and achiever.  But most importantly he is a great example to those he associates with and always has a way of making you feel like you have something special to contribute to the world."

Taki Taoho, Orem Utah

"My name is Nick Marsh. I've always considered myself an entrepreneur, but have had trouble finding the right fit. I came across this group and real estate and finally had my aha! moment. Nate Lambert has been a great mentor and has helped me each step of the way into the business. Now I have real hope for the future and my goals are more real now than ever!"

Nick Marsh, Murray, Utah

"If you want to learn, succeed and hang out with one of the greatest people on Earth, let me introduce you to my friend and mentor - Nate Lambert.  He is smart, intuitive, passionate and knowledgeable about real estate. I'm learning from Nate every day as he is always been on top of his game and has brought my real estate business to the next level. He is continuing to be a great leader in the real estate community by showing intelligence, honesty and integrity."

Nick Kazakov, Holiday, Utah

"I consider Nate to be much more than a professional investor and mentor; he is a friend. I've learned more in 3 months about real estate from Nate than I have learned in 2 years reading books. I just closed on my first rental, and I am currently negotiating a deal for a property which will cash flow $700 / month. But even more importantly, I've learned how to develop the right mindset to be consistent in my efforts. Nate keeps me extremely accountable to my goals, which is challenging, but exactly what I needed to get things going."

Bryce Young, Springville, Utah

Suzanne Bateman, Mapleton, Utah

"Nate Lambert has been an incredible mentor and leader with Nate's Educational program. His background as a professor really shows as he develops programs and mentoring to help his students learn effectively and move forward quickly as real estate investors. He has innovative ideas that he regularly implements to assist us in learning and growing as Real Estate investors! He works really hard to help us realize our potentials. Thanks for all you do. You are an inspiration to me!"

Suzanne Dawson, Mapleton, Utah

"Over the course of 5 months in Nate’s investing program, I went from knowing nothing about real estate to being involved on some really big deals. I'm currently developing land for mixed-use retail, with a projected debt-free cashflow of $10,000 per month. I'm now a Team Leader for our Wholesaling team in Utah County and am exploring multiple multi-unit housing opportunities. I was able to quit my part-time job and make more money from this business than I ever did from all of my past jobs combined!"

Jonathan Engle, Provo, Utah

Bryce Young, Springville, Utah

"Using Nate’s educational program, I have now successfully paid off all my student loans, which wouldn’t have happened otherwise for another 5 years. I’m shocked. I am so much more financially free than ever now!"

Mark Currell, Eagle Mountain, Utah

"I have experienced the competent leadership of Nate Lambert. Real estate investing is a new path for me and my sons. I have appreciated Nate taking time to teach, mentor and support us as we get started with real estate investing. Nate is committed to our success. He is available to answer questions, give us solutions, and show us possibilities. He works tirelessly to connect us with people and systems that will enhance our success in transacting real estate and building our team of entrepreneurs. With Nate's mentoring and commitment to our success we feel supported, confident and excited being real estate investors. We're having so much fun!"

Carolyn Blosil, Orem, Utah

Jonathan Engle, Provo, Utah

Nate Lambert, Realtor/Investor

Cell: (801) 651-8000